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Mindanao can be found at southern part of Philippines, a Islamic area where in their culture and beliefs for their religion gives shape to influence in their land.

Since then, they always encounter and become victim of war around in their area, the war between the government forces and different rebel groups. War gives a big impact and changes to their life, they can’t even live as a normal life, even the schools need to postpone their class due to war.

Every time they experience to be in war they have no choice to leave their homeland and proceed to evacuation area. Living in a small makeshift tent is hard specially for the young ones must have a better and comfortable shelter and all the people there are seeking for ever lasting peace so they can live in a peacefully.

Civilians are become victim where war was happen near in their area, and it’s so hard for the family of the victim to accept what happen because they have no any idea that will happen in their land.

Almost all the people in the area are seeking for peace, they don’t want to experience the chaos and pain for the new generation in their land, the old ones are begging for peace for their young ones, for better future for their homeland.

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